The REJECTS Motorcycle Club is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who love to ride.
Any kind of motorcycle is acceptable for this club. (any size engine, single cylinders, etc.)
We do not discriminate against age, sex, color, race, creed, or your choice of motorcycles.
We believe in freedom, and that includes the right to choose whichever bike you love to ride.

Why are you called rejects if you accept just about anyone?
That is a matter of perception, and it can be as varied as our members.
For some people it is because society rejects us for whatever reason(s).
For others it's because we reject our society's lifestyle of being slaves to debt.
Bigger is not necessarily better, and the Earth's dwindling resources are proof of that.
Some of us choose smaller engines to save production resources and fuel consumption.
We reject the idea that we should have to buy a big bike just to please other people.

Are you a gang of 1%'er outlaws?
No, we are not a gang of outlaw bikers.
However, we cannot vouch for or be held responsible for the action of any individual club member.

What kind of motorcycle does your leader ride?
Our founder and president currently owns a 2003 Honda Rebel 250cc, which he bought used for $1300.

How many people are in your club?
That is privileged information for members only, and non-members don't need to know.

How can I join your club?
This website is new and we will be posting more information regarding the membership application soon, so check back here often. (Until then, you will just have to ask a REJECT when you see one ;)

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